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Nailing the Interviewing Process

The Interview Process: How to land that EA Role

Interviewing process

There are two types of EAs in this world, the ones that want to be one, and the ones that use it as a stepping stone to another role.Regardless of which you are and what your real plan is, there is a position you must take and present when interviewing for your next EA role. This is the position of whether you are a career EA, or whether you just want the role as an opening to another. It’s terrific to sing your praises in an interview and tell them all the aspirational things you want to do, but you must stop and think what this may sound like to an Executive who is looking for their right hand wo/man. It’s a nightmare for an Executive to have a new Assistant start with them – they must be patient while they get up to speed and learn the ins and the outs of their life, they must be patient whilst they learn all the processes and systems in their new role and they must be patient whilst their new EA becomes familiar with the company and what they do. For them to trust another with their life is not an easy task, but one perhaps only made easier with the idea that this Assistant will work out and stay with them for the long haul. Nobody wants to churn through Assistants every 6 months, hence why the screening process for an EA role is so full on. They’re looking for a match, not dissimilar to online dating… on

Searching for perpetual happiness: The interview questions every EA must ask the Exec

The internet has an abundance of articles on it of questions you may be presented with when it comes to job interviews. And where most of the questions online are applicable for the EA roles you’re interviewing for, its important to keep in mind a few key things when doing your interview prep. It’s the interviewer’s role to determine whether we are the right fit for the position by asking all these questions of course, and more. The preparation you do to answer these questions is paramount for you getting the role, but its not just their questions that you need to prepare for. You also should also be armed with what questions you will ask them too. If you reach the end of an interview and are asked finally, ‘and do you have any questions for me/us?’ and your answer is ‘no’, then you can kiss that job goodbye. I’ve interviewed many candidates in my time and the ones that don’t have a single question prepared for the interview’s end, will not get a look in to the next stage at all… on

EA Interview Questions: A Piece of Cake!

Interview Questions EA PA

I’ve been doing lot of interviewing of late and I feel like I need to write a fresh blog on nailing EA/PA interviews. I’ve written a couple of other blogs in the last year on the interview process, but feel like there are some key factors that need to be called out and brought to the forefront of everyone’s minds. Interviewing by no means needs to be a scary or intimidating process, and potentially can be so easy if you just follow the right formula. For EA/PA roles you can almost predict the questions you’ll get asked, so your answers should be nothing but well prepared. And if you are turning up to interviews unprepared and with no specific examples in toe, you can kiss that job goodbye. We all know the attributes an EA/PA needs to have, so its not hard to sit in front of an interviewer and reel off things they want to hear. Things like “I’m super organised; very efficient; pro-active; flexible; work well under pressure; have great written and verbal communications skills; and are great at PowerPoint and Excel” are things we can all say. But whether you are actually are any of those things, or can do any of them is another story… on

Behavioural Interviews: Prepare to shine like a STAR

star technique

As a senior EA, it forms part of my role to have to conduct, or sit in on, interviews for other assistant and administration roles and as such last week I spent in day training on behavioural interview techniques, which actually turned out to be quite an eye opener. Having attended many interviews as the interviewee and conducted just as many as the interviewer, it was interesting to learn the proper techniques required when interviewing candidates. But I must say, after 8 hours of interview training, I surfaced feeling rather ‘brainwashed’ after having the importance of candidate equality drummed into me and any unconscious bias I may have once had, eliminated from me forever. Political correctness gone mad I say, but apparently what gets asked of one candidate, must be asked of all!… on

Dealing with rejection: When you don’t get the role you want…


Going through the interview process can be tough, especially when you’re genuinely in need of another role. The process can be draining – from customising every application, to selling yourself and having to be at your sharpest at every interview – unfortunately they’re all necessary steps if you’re going to land the role you want. But when you are going through the interview process and you’re faced with rejection at some point in the pipeline, it can literally knock you off your feet. Yes its devastating when you’re down to one-of-two candidates, only to find out that the other candidate has been chosen. But what’s even more frustrating is when you’re faced with that rejection from the get go…….read on

Perfecting your Resume

Having a kick-ass resume is the most important element when it comes to applying for EA/PA roles. It’s the window to your career and the snapshot of your experience. But updating your resume is not just something that should be done when you’re looking for a role, it’s something that should be kept up to date and brilliant at all times. You never know when that dream role might come up that you need to apply for with a quick turnaround, and if your resume is out of date you can literally kiss that role goodbye. As a rule of thumb you should always have someone else review your resume, and someone who has expertise in the area, as sometimes there can be things that are glaringly obvious with your CV that you just cannot see and may be hindering you from getting your dream role.

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